Earth Day: A Global Call to Action

By Published On: April 22, 2024Categories: Daily Market News & Insights

Every April 22nd, Earth Day mobilizes people to celebrate and advocate for environmental protection and sustainability. What began in 1970 as a day to promote ecological awareness has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. This annual event draws attention to environmental initiatives and encourages collective action from communities, organizations, and individuals.

This year, Earth Day’s theme, “Planet vs. Plastics,” spotlights the issue of plastic pollution and its impact on human health and the environment. In alignment with this initiative, Mansfield is spotlighting its Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) offering as a key component of its commitment to environmental responsibility.  DEF helps to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 90%, significantly improving air quality and mitigating environmental impact.

When it comes to packaging, Mansfield has prioritized eco-conscious options, ensuring that its Blue Leaf DEF containers and caps are 100% recyclable. Crafted from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, commonly known as “Plastic #2,” these materials are carefully chosen for their recyclability and environmental benefits.

HDPE plastic, the same material used in everyday items like milk gallons and shampoo bottles, undergoes a rigorous recycling process. Mansfield emphasizes the importance of recycling DEF packaging, as HDPE can be transformed into many useful products, including non-food bottles, picnic tables, and playground equipment. This circular approach to packaging design ensures that resources are utilized efficiently and sustainably.

Furthermore, Mansfield’s commitment to environmental responsibility extends beyond product design to compliance with existing U.S. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies. By adhering to these regulations, Mansfield aims to minimize plastic pollution and promote a circular economy.

How to celebrate Earth Day?

To celebrate Earth Day 2024, everyone is encouraged to participate in cleanup and recycling initiatives and join community events designed to raise awareness about the impact of plastic pollution. Click here to visit the EARTHDAY.ORG page to find an event near your location! Engaging in these activities not only demonstrates a commitment to the environment but also helps cultivate a culture of sustainability and responsibility.

Additionally, consider sourcing from suppliers who emphasize sustainable offerings and invest in recyclable packaging. Click here to learn more about Mansfield’s sustainable solutions.


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