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Mansfield Power and Gas is not your typical energy company. We help our customers finally get on top of issues like:

  • Market volatility
  • Lacking communication
  • Inflexible billing
  • Non-customized pricing

At MPG, we’re Always On It for our customers, finding creative ways to overcome tough obstacles, communicate at every step, and get clients their energy as promised – on time, even when it’s hard.

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OUR VISION: As the industry’s preferred energy partner and employer, we provide exceptional value by delivering innovative solutions and operational excellence.

OUR MISSION: To create valued relationships by serving our energy partners and their communities

Exceptional Value and Dependable Service

Mansfield Power & Gas provides reliable natural gas, built on strong customer relationships and competitively priced supply. At MPG, you’ll receive customized, unique services to meet your exact buying requirements – from personalized market updates to tailored billing solutions.

For over 65+ years, Mansfield has helped customers achieve their energy needs. With MPG, you’ll get expert advice to help you accomplish your goals, whether minimizing your energy spend, reducing administrative hassles, or preventing unnecessary risk.

Our Services

  • End-Use Natural Gas Supply – Tailored gas solutions for businesses

  • Producer Services – Optimize gas production and distribution

  • Asset Management – Maximize natural gas asset returns

  • Wholesale Supply – Connect gas buyers and sellers

  • Asset Management Agreements – Customized gas asset optimization

  • Power Consulting – Navigate energy changes effectively

  • Risk Management – Mitigate gas market risk

Commodity Risk Management Expertise

While no one can predict natural gas prices with certainty, the effects of future price volatility on your operations can be controlled. Mansfield offers an array of risk management tools to help control the effects market swings. Let the experts at Mansfield help you understand the best approach for you.

  • Fixed Price: Call strips, single price or trigger
  • Basis: Based on major trading hubs and NYMEX
  • Variable: Daily average, fixed basis and FOM
  • Indexed: Monthly adjusted pricing
  • Structured: Price caps, take or pay, BTU swaps and landfill gas
  • Tiered: Combinations of different pricing methods for maximum flexibility

Request a Natural Gas Consultation

Mansfield offers a detailed natural gas procurement analysis to study your business needs and goals. Our experienced energy professionals will design an energy plan that reduces your total natural gas spend, simplifies operations and grows your bottom line.


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