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Fuel Quality Matters

Poor fuel quality is one of the most common causes of engine malfunctions. Impurities from dirty tanks and poor quality fuel can lead to fuel injector failures, vehicle downtime, filter plugging and fuel system failure – costing your organization in lost productivity and increased operational expenses.

Solutions to Maintain Peak Performance

Mansfield offers a full range of products and proactive services to ensure high quality fuel for your fleets which keeps your equipment running longer and more efficiently.

Fuel Quality Program – Mansfield’s analytical approach improves the overall condition of your fuel, storage and dispensing equipment.

Tank Cleaning, Repair and Maintenance – Our team services your tanks – removing water and contaminants and then maps a plan to ensure your tanks remain clean.

Fuel Testing – Mansfield experts will test your fuel regularly to identify water, particulate matter and microbial contamination.

Fuel Treatment Program – To keep your engines at peak performance all year long, Mansfield delivers the right blends to your specifications.

High Performance Diesel Additives

  • Optimize fuel economy, engine cleanliness and lubricity
  • Guard against microbial contamination, disperse water and improve stability
  • Recover lost power and improve cold weather operability

Complimentary Fuel Quality Consultation

Mansfield offers a complimentary fuel quality consultation. Our experts will analyze your fleet and fuel needs as well as your organizational goals to give you a recommendation for a customized prescriptive additive and fuel quality program.

Winter Diesel Fuel Additive

ColdPRO is a high performance winter diesel additive formulated to provide fuel operability down to -40°F when properly blended, while also providing power boost, detergency and lubricity.

Premium Year-round Disesel Fuel Additive

CLEAN365 is a high performance fuel additive that optimizes fuel economy, cleaniness, lubricity and stability to recover lost power and improve operability, reducing yearly fuel consumption and costly down-time.

Water Reducer & Microbial Growth Inhibitor

DRY TANK disperses entrained water in fuel and inhibits microbial growth to prevent fuel filter plugging, equipment failure, corrosion and fuel icing.

Emergency Winter Diesel Fuel Reliquefier

FIRST AID, engineered for emergency use or anticipated extreme conditions, dissolves gelled fuel in tank and equipment systems and returns fuel to a liquid state, inhibiting further gelling or icing.

Power Generator Winterized Diesel Additive

TANK ARMOR is a high-performance winterized diesel additive designed to enhance the performance and extend the storage life of diesel fuel in power generation and agricultural applications.


ColdPRO Winter Diesel Program

Download – Winter Fuel Program Pdf

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