Consigned Fuel

Share Bulk Fuel Savings Across Multiple Entities

Pay As You Pump

The Mansfield Consigned Fuel Program enables organizations to gain bulk fuel purchase discounts as if the purchases were made by a single entity. The program easily tracks and bills all fuel purchases to the appropriate entity. It maximizes working capital because Mansfield owns the fuel until you pump it. You have less upfront costs. The inventory management process is fully automated – tracking fueling details by entity. It is cost effective – lowering your fuel costs while relieving the administrative burdens of tracking and billing across multiple groups.

How it Works

Mansfield purchases the initial inventory in each consigned tank and tracks daily inventory levels and tank compliance using remote access to card readers and tank gauges. Each entity is billed based on actual usage with an automated process that electronically delivers invoices with full transaction detail.

Design a Consigned Fuel Program Today

Mansfield will design a Consigned Fuel program tailored for your savings goals and organizational needs. Contact us today to learn how you can gain bulk fuel savings and accountability across multiple entities.

Smart Solution for Government Agencies

Mansfield’s Consigned Fuel Program is streamlined, automated and accurately accounts for usage across multiple entities. Many government agencies are implementing the Program since it effectively tracks usage by entity, users, platforms and fueling modes to support shared costs and bulk savings.

  • Pay as you pump capabilities
  • Entity, site and driver-level reporting
  • Flexible invoice and reporting
  • Automatic billing and collections
  • Automatic accruals and cost distribution
  • Monthly tank reconciliation

Consigned Fuel Program

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