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Mansfield Energy is a proud partner to over 8,000 customers across multiple industries throughout North America.

Aggregates & Mining

With fuel being a major expense within aggregate and mining operations, quarry operators must carefully manage fleet efficiency. Mansfield provides fuel for your fleets and storage tanks with FTL and LTL deliveries. For fleets in remote locations, Mobile Fueling is cost effective and convenient. Mansfield helps you consolidate and optimize across all fueling modes to drive down costs. We also provide Fleet Card services to manage retail fuel purchases as well as comprehensive services to install and maintain fuel storage tanks.

Airline Operations

Fueling airline MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) activities involves a range of procurement challenges. Managing the swings in demand require a partner that understands changing seasonal volumes as well as the importance of monitoring and managing inventory to eliminate risks of run outs. Mansfield knows that you care about maintaining fuel quality, managing sulfur levels and providing reports.

Mansfield’s reliable supply of Diesel, DEF and Natural Gas keeps airline operations running smoothly. And our FuelNet data management solution helps you manage reporting – especially tank reconciliation reports for environmental compliance.

Engineering & Construction

Managing equipment, material and workforces are essential for delivering on-time, on-budget results. Mansfield supports the broad range of fueling delivery modes required by engineering and construction companies. Many of our customers use a combination of FTL and LTL deliveries to address variances in fuel consumption as well as to deliver fuel to temporary tanks via Mobile Fueling services overnight or scheduled tank wagon deliveries. Mansfield Fleet Card Services are effective for on-road fleets traveling between sites.

Food Service

Mansfield has a broad customer base across Food Service organizations. These fleets need access to reliable, competitively priced supplies of diesel, DEF and prescriptive additives. We help organizations across North America drive down costs with optimized bulk storage solutions. Many of our customers utilize Fleet Cards for fueling on the road while others incorporate Mobile Fueling to maximize drivers’ time by performing fueling while trucks are parked.

For Hire Transportation

Mansfield keeps your fleets on the road with reliable, competitively priced supply of diesel, DEF and prescriptive additives. We are helping organizations across North America drive down costs with optimized bulk storage solutions. Many of our customers utilize Fleet Cards for fueling on the road while others incorporate Mobile Fueling to maximize drivers’ time by performing fueling while trucks are parked.

Fuel Marketers

The Mansfield Wholesale team provides personal service to supply or deliver fuel with a range of flexible purchase options. We ship on all major pipelines and hold extensive supply positions across U.S. terminals. Mansfield has decades of experience and holds long standing relationships with Fuel Marketers that trust Mansfield as a single source fuel and DEF provider.

Mansfield is proud to partner with state and local governments as well as military organizations – providing everything from bulk fuel procurement, on-site storage services, fleet cards and data management tools. Our fuel supply and logistics solutions ensure government and military fleets, transit buses, emergency vehicles and on-site storage tanks always have adequate supplies of quality fuel, DEF and additives to ensure peak performance. We also offer innovative Consigned Fuels programs to enable multiple entities to gain bulk purchase economies while sharing usage and tracking costs.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Mansfield offers solutions for a range of industrial and manufacturing organizations. From fueling stationary power generators and refrigerated “reefer” units to providing on-site deliveries of fuel and DEF, Mansfield provides reliable supply and flexible delivery options including Mobile Fueling or LTL (tank wagon) deliveries.


Mansfield provides full service marinas the range of fuels they require – diesel, gasoline, propane and engine oils via FTL and LTL delivery. Our solutions help you reduce the overall cost of procuring fuel with smart strategies to optimize storage equipment and delivery modes. We also offer Natural Gas which effectively powers retail spaces, office buildings, resorts and restaurants. Mansfield Fuel Systems and Services helps install and maintain your fuel storage and dispensing equipment. Our Inventory Management services tracks usage so you are never at risk of running out of fuel.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas production has soared in recent years, creating significant pressure on producers to scale operational efficiencies while increasing output. Whether you’re drilling for oil directly, or servicing the needs of E&P companies, Mansfield provides the fuel to keep your equipment and trucks in action. Delivering over 70 million barrels of fuel each year, Mansfield is a reliable partner you can count on to meet your operational needs.


There are over 560 railroads operating in the US – moving an average 5 million tons of goods every day over 140,000 miles of rail tracks. Mansfield offers Diesel, DEF, biodiesel and kerosene to railroads and their repair and maintenance organizations. Our expertise in fuel storage procurement and leasing gives our customers best practices for installing and maintaining tanks, as well as managing tank levels. Mansfield Fleet Cards are effective solutions for railroad support trucks that fuel during the day.

Stationary Power

Generators are widely used in industries requiring back up power, peak shaving power or prime continuous power. In this “Always On” world, business continuity is a must when patient health or customer data is at risk. Mansfield’s customers use stationery generators to provide backup for data centers, healthcare facilities and other organizations requiring business continuity during a power outage or natural disaster. Mansfield provides timely FTL and LTL deliveries of diesel, DEF, gasoline and Natural Gas to ensure you are never without power. And since we understand the shelf life of diesel without additives must be tracked and replenished to maintain fuel quality, we offer services to monitor and ensure quality fuel and storage systems.


Utilities are the lifeblood of the economy, providing the energy to make every industry function. With over 60 years of energy experience, Mansfield works with some of the largest utilities in the country, providing wholesale Natural Gas and FTL bulk fuel for power generation.

Mansfield also provides Fleet Card and Mobile Fueling solutions for utility fleets responsible for maintaining crucial energy infrastructure, from power lines to gas pipelines. During an emergency, utilities are among the first on the scene to restore damaged infrastructure, which is why Mansfield also offers Emergency Response Fueling services during natural disasters to help your operators stay in motion.


Labor rates are a key cost component in the waste industry – making managing a driver’s cost per hour essential. Mansfield helps leading waste management organizations structure fueling approaches to optimize driver times and reduce time spent in fueling queues. Also, the rise in acquisition activity creates unique complexities. When companies bring together disparate companies and locations, it creates challenges for those wanting to centralize or maintain decentralized fuel management programs. Mansfield helps waste customers improve efficiencies, reduce costs and improve visibility across operations. Mansfield offers FTL, LTL, and Mobile Fueling Diesel, and DEF deliveries, Fleet Cards to support retail, OTR, and cardlock fueling, Fuel Quality programs to minimize vehicle downtime, Fuel Systems & Services to optimize fuel site performance and install and maintain backyard storage tanks, Risk Management solutions to ensure budget certainty, Wholesale Natural Gas to reduce the total cost of procurement, and consolidated solutions to enhanced data management.

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