Optimizing Fuel Procurement and Management

Mansfield works with governmental agencies and military organizations nationwide to navigate and simplify the complex fuel procurement supply chain. Our innovative solutions ensure reliable fuel supply, expert logistics and flexible pricing. To drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs, we give you total visibility across the entire fuel supply chain via an integrated data management platform.

Tax Exemptions

Mansfield offers tax exemptions to government organizations for both retail and bulk fuel purchasing. Tax exemption occurs at the bulk level at invoice with a valid tax exemption certificate for federal, state and local taxes. Exemption for retail purchases occurs at the transaction level and is detailed through our FuelNet™ online management reporting.

Relationships Matter

We work hard to earn our customers’ trust every day. This is evident in our long standing relationships with state and local governments and military organizations across the United States. Check out our broad portfolio of products and services and call Mansfield to get started today.

Mansfield Simplifies Fuel Supply and Logistics for Government and Military Organizations Across the Nation.


Reliable fuel supply & delivery to every location

Ltl (Tank Wagon) Fuel

Fuel delivery to vehicles, mobile equipment and stationery tanks

Natural Gas

Dependable natural gas service and competitive prices

Consigned Fuel

Gain bulk economies and share costs across entities

Fleet Cards

Effective tools for tracking and managing fleet fuel usage

Spot Fuel Supply Purchase Options

If you need fuel now without a long term contract, Mansfield offers government agencies no obligation purchase options based on daily pricing. It’s simple and flexible and it still gives you access to Mansfield’s reliable supply and nationwide coverage. Call the Mansfield team for a daily quote.


Apply Best Practices to Optimize Fuel Procurement

Contact Mansfield to schedule a fuel management consultation. Based on our years of experience across government and military organizations, our expert team will apply proven best practices to design and execute an effective fuel management program to reach your goals.