Fuel Data Management

Comprehensive Insights for Improving Fuel Management

Fuel Management at Your Fingertips

FuelNet is Mansfield’s fuel management platform that provides operational and financial visibility to improve fuel management. Helping you easily track bulk and DEF fueling as well as repair and maintenance, FuelNet gives you one place to control all aspects of fuel management.

Operational Visibility

  • Latest inventory
  • Critical Fill Levels
  • Monthly Inventory Data
  • Transaction Reports
  • Compliance Reports
  • Repair & Maintenance

Financial Visibility

  • Invoices
  • Delivery Documentation and BOLs
  • Tax Reports

Manage LTL and Mobile Fueling Transactions Across Suppliers

FuelAll provides fleet operators total visibility into mobile fueling transactions. It aggregates data across the fueling supply chain for validation, reporting and bill payment on a convenient web-based platform. FuelAll collects and stores vehicle-level fueling information for the entire enterprise.

Complete Visibility to take Action

  • Identify Markets Where Fuel Pricing is Uncompetitive
  • Assess Mobile Fueling at Vehicle-level to Identify Issues
  • Find Inconsistencies between Supply Agreements & Invoices
  • Consolidate Fuel Spend Across Suppliers to Gain Economies

Take Fuel Management to the Next Level

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Webinar: Data Integration and Fuel Management

Learn best practices for enabling operational efficiency with systems integration.

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