Storm Alert – Hurricane Idalia – Code Red

By Published On: August 29, 2023Categories: Alerts, Storm Season

Hurricane Idalia, currently a Category 2 storm, is expected to rapidly intensify into a Category 3 hurricane as it approaches the west coast of Florida. Based on the latest forecasts, Idalia is anticipated to make landfall in Florida on Wednesday, posing significant risks to areas along the state’s west coast, the Florida Panhandle, south Georgia, and potentially the Carolinas.

Idalia is likely to generate dangerous storm surge conditions, resulting in significant coastal flooding. Areas at greatest risk include coastal regions of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. As Idalia moves inland, it is expected to bring heavy rainfall and strong winds along its path. This could lead to disruptions in freight and delivery networks, causing delays in fuel shipments to affected areas.

Tropical storm force wins will take trucks off the road throughout north and central Florida today, and several fuel terminals have reported closures in anticipation of strong winds. Early closures ensure that safety protocols can be completed effectively, allowing for a quick resumption of activities once the storm has passed. With strong winds encompassing most of Florida for the coming 36 hours, expect delays for deliveries across the state as well as in coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina. Although the storm won’t directly hit Tampa, a major fueling hub in the region, high winds and storm surge will temporarily limit supply in the area.

Mansfield is moving to Level 4 severity, with markets requiring the highest level of operational focus. Mansfield is moving to Code Red in Florida and southern Georgia, requesting 72-hour notice for new deliveries due to unsafe delivery conditions through Wednesday. In coastal South Carolina, Mansfield remains on Code Orange, requesting 48-hour notice for deliveries.

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