Need an Alternative to Retail Fueling? Try Mobile Fueling

By Published On: May 8, 2023Categories: Daily Market News & Insights

Are you a fleet owner or a machine operator, constantly struggling to find a gas station while managing your tight schedule and fuel expenses? The average stop for fuel takes around 20 minutes and adds 2 miles per stop.  Think of the lost revenue across all your vehicles, taken off the road for 20 minutes a day. Mobile fueling is an option that can help you protect your driver’s time, reduce operational downtime, optimize fuel costs, and help the environment.

In today’s article, we’re exploring the many advantages and benefits of contracting mobile fuel to fuel up your vehicles and machinery right on-site — and at your convenience!

Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits

Mobile fueling services offer a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional fueling methods. By centralizing fuel purchasing and negotiating bulk rates with suppliers, mobile fueling companies can pass on the savings to fleet owners. Plus, you reduce instances of card fraud, since your drivers no longer need to carry cards for fuel.

But that’s not all. Mobile fueling is also greener than traditional fueling. When vehicles don’t have to drive to and from gas stations, they use less fuel and produce fewer emissions – which a Geotab survey estimates is 3 lbs of CO2 per month.

Reduce Downtime and Boost Efficiency

Nobody likes waiting time in line or going out of their way to find a gas station. It’s a huge time-waster and can mess with the driver’s schedule. Mobile fueling brings the fuel right to the vehicles, so you don’t have to waste time searching for a fuel station. Using GPS and scheduling systems, suppliers will refuel your fleet when it’s most convenient for you, like during off-peak hours, off-hours, or even overnight. This means your driver will be able to focus on what really matters: getting the job done.

Convenience and Flexibility

Mobile fueling is – no doubt – a very convenient and great option for commercial fleet managers and other fuel buyers. With all the benefits listed above, it’s easy to see why this fueling method is gaining traction and becoming more popular each day.

So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start refueling your vehicles and machinery through Mansfield’s Mobile Fueling Services. Mansfield offers a free tool that lets you calculate your potential labor savings if your business converts to a mobile fueling service. Contact an expert at Mansfield to learn more about this cost-saving opportunity.

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