Natural Disaster Or Unexpected Event? Learn how to keep your vehicles running

By Published On: March 6, 2023Categories: Daily Market News & Insights

Unforeseeable natural disasters or emergencies can occur without warning, leaving you without fuel. It’s crucial to be well-prepared and have adequate support to mitigate and overcome their impact on your business.

When a hurricane or tornado hits certain areas, for example, the local fuel supply may be cut off or become limited. This can cause fuel prices to skyrocket while lines grow at retail gas stations. If your organization depends on keeping vehicles or stationary generators running, these disruptions will limit your capacity to operate efficiently.


Lower Your Business Risk

Brian Hazzard, Director of LTL Product Marketing at Mansfield Energy, explains that it is essential to count on a reliable supplier that can service your company with the fuel you need. “You must be sure of the company capabilities and network size, as well as their ability to reserve dedicated assets to assist your business.” He also adds that “the supplier needs to be prepared to quickly jump into action to provide you the fuel needed.”

No different than protecting your business assets via insurance, you want to protect your company’s ability to operate, service your customers, and generate revenue by getting an insurance policy on your fuel. That is where Mansfield comes into the picture, to guarantee you stay operational via a dedicated asset program.

In the case of Hurricane Ida, a large telecommunications company needed to ensure their backup generators stayed operational to power their facilities and towers. With no local fuel or delivery providers able to help, they turned to the Mansfield Emergency Response program where 5 dedicated trucks kept all their generators topped off and operational for weeks until all power was restored.


Mansfield Emergency Response Program

Mansfield Emergency Response Fuel Program is designed for organizations with little margin for downtime. Whether you need backyard, mobile, or generator fueling for your facilities or vehicles, Mansfield’s extensive delivery network and fuel supply points ensure your business will be operational.

“Mansfield offers a prescriptive solution to emergency fueling. Therefore, you can keep your organization running smoothly when the unexpected happens”, explains Hazzard. With flexible components, customers can design the program according to their needs, including temporary fuel storage tanks, dedicated fuel trucks and supply, retail fleet cards, and proactive tank and generator maintenance.

“Our program counts on dedicated fueling trucks to ensure uninterrupted operations, as well as a dedicated fuel supply, so you bypass the long lines at retail stations and set up local fuel storage,” concludes the executive.

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