Natural Gas News – March 18, 2022

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Natural Gas News – March 18, 2022

EIA: The U.S. Is Still Energy Independent

Last December I covered the nuances of U.S. energy independence. A common belief that I encounter is that President Trump made us energy independent, but we lost that energy independence under President Biden. That’s not strictly true, but it requires a bit of understanding about what energy independence actually is. I covered these issues in Is The U.S. Energy Independent? If you are confused about the definition of energy independence, also see What Is Energy Independence? As I explained, a correct accounting would be to add up all of our energy production (oil, natural gas, coal, renewables) and then subtract our net energy consumption. The U.S. is a net exporter of coal and natural gas, so it really comes down to the petroleum balance. U.S. net imports have been declining since 2005 as a result of hydraulic … For more info go to

US faces LNG capacity problem after Europe turns from Russia

US liquified natural gas (LNG) producers expect their already-high number of shipments to Europe to grow as sanctions and embargoes are placed on Russian exports. Over this winter, Europe became the largest consumer of American-produced LNG, consuming more than half of the total US shipments. However, supply chain and capacity problem will hinder the natural gas industry’s ability to export LNG to buyers in Europe and Asia, analysts and insiders told over the last week. Shomik Sen, a data analyst at Gelber and Association, explained to the natural gas industry can produce more LNG, but not quickly. The US will increase LNG production capacity by 20% by the end of 2022, making it the largest exporter of the product as European countries aim to decrease… For more info go to

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