Natural Gas News – April 3, 2019

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Natural Gas News – April 3, 2019

Natural Gas Pipeline In Germany Holds “Green” Methane; Austria Has Similar Plans

ARS Technica reported: A Düsseldorf, Germany- based energy company called Uniper announced last week that it sent methane made from renewable hydrogen into the local natural gas pipeline. The methanation plant in Falkenhagen that made the synthetic methane opened in May 2018 (PDF), and the plant’s operators began testing the process to combine renewable hydrogen with carbon dioxide from a nearby bioethanol plant. The synthetic methane is sent into the local natural gas pipeline, where it’s used along with traditional natural gas. “Today, the plant produces up to 1,400 cubic meters of synthetic methane (SNG) per day, which corresponds to approximately 14,500 kWh [kilowatt hours] of energy,” a Uniper press release noted. The methanation plant receives renewable hydrogen (H2) from a nearby plant that has harnessed excess wind and solar power for electrolysis- based hydrogen synthesis since 2013. For more on this story visit or click

US Gain Brings A New RNG Project Online, Sends Fuel To California

Biomass Magazine reported: U.S. Gain is pleased to announce a new renewable natural gas (RNG) development project located in Springfield, Nebraska, which is producing much-needed clean fuel for the transportation industry, as well as a RNG supply contract for Southern California Gas Company’s (SoCalGas) natural gas fueling station network. Both projects will be impactful in the development and supply of RNG across the country. As a vertically- integrated RNG provider, U.S. Gain is diligently working with producers and developers on a multitude of landfill, agricultural and wastewater treatment RNG development projects— converting their waste to financially-rewarding, clean fuel. One of the most recent projects that U.S. Gain was involved in is the Sarpy County Landfill located in Springfield, Nebraska. For more on this story visit or click

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