Nat Gas News July 10, 2017

By Published On: July 10, 2017Categories: Daily Natural Gas Newsletter

Nat Gas News July 10, 2017

The BLM releases draft for natural gas project in Wyoming

KGWN Cheyenne reports: In its ongoing effort to provide opportunities for responsible energy development, support the creation of jobs, and facilitate positive economic impacts to local communities, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today released its initial environmental analysis of a major natural gas development in Wyoming. Appearing in today’s Federal Register, the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Normally Pressured Lance (NPL) Natural Gas Development Project identifies a range of alternatives as to how the project can move forward. The document is available for a 45-day public comment period.The proposed project, which was submitted by Jonah Energy LLC, could unlock 5.25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, providing a reliable, long-term energy source for the nation and creating more than 700 full-time jobs and stable employment opportunities for southwestern Wyoming. The project could also create $2.2 billion in royalties For more on this story visit or click the following link

U.S. Shale Gas Booming Despite Global Glut reports: The United States has led the pack in the shale revolution, profiting more than any other nation. The U.S. enjoys the benefit of having the majority of its wells located domestically, thanks to vast natural shale formations, allowing the nation to keep all profits for themselves without any negotiations or diplomatic gymnastics. Due to the up rise of fracking and other technological advances, the production of natural gas and shale oil in the U.S. had been increasing steadily for years. Last year marked a sharp decline as a gas glut led to a dramatic plunge in pricing. But now, just as shale gas prices are finally rebounding from last year’s alltime- lows, the United States’ two biggest shale gas deposits are producing record amounts of fuel, threatening to push gas prices back down. For more or click

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