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When flaring natural gas becomes political – Needless regulation or good conservation?

Forbes reports: The Bureau of Land Management, which oversees the development of federally owned lands, proposed regulations last February to curtail methane emissions from public lands. As the Bureau of Land Management noted in its regulations, methane is the primary component of natural gas, and the venting or flaring of natural gas causes methane to be released into the atmosphere. Moreover, the Bureau of Land Management estimated that methane has a climate change impact 25 times greater than that of CO2. Whether or not one accepts the climate change concerns raised by these methane emissions, the fact remains that the Bureau of Land Management has a vital interest in ensuring that natural gas obtained from federally owned lands is put to a productive use. Thus, the Bureau of Land Management issued regulations that sought to curtail the amount of flaring that could occur on federally owned lands, and one of the rationales was to prevent the needless waste of an economically valuable and scarce natural resource. Last week, it was reported that Congress and the President would seek to overturn needless regulations that inhibit business activity, and news reports identified the Bureau of Land Management’s recent regulations as targets for elimination. For more visit or click

U.S. natural gas futures fall to lowest since Nov as less cold expected

The Economic Times: U.S. natural gas futures on Friday fell to their lowest levels since November on forecasts continuing to call for mostly warmer-than-normal weather for the rest of the winter. For more visit

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