Mansfield Supply Alert: Colonial Pipeline Outage Update – RED ALERT

By Published On: September 16, 2016

Gainesville, GA – September 16, 2016 – Colonial announced yesterday that the main gas line is not expected to resume operations until next week. It was reported yesterday that 252,000 gallons of gas leaked from the pipeline and crews are still working to clean up the affected area. The EPA has said that the spill is contained and residents nearby are not at risk. Hopefully this weekend they can begin excavating and begin working on repairing the pipeline. Supply for gas in the Southeast continues to be extremely tight for unbranded allocation. We continue to long haul from the East Coast port terminals, as well as surrounding regions. Carrier availability continues to be a challenge as long hauls and wait times at terminals increase.

Alabama and Georgia have both declared a state of emergency due to the shutdown, allowing the governors to issue executive orders waiving regulations on fuel truck driver hour limits. This should help mitigate some of the outages currently being experienced by consumers in those states.

The Mansfield Supply and Logistics team continues to be at Red Alert to address the shortage. Please continue to place orders well in advance of delivery dates to allow time to procure supply and schedule haulers.

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