Mansfield Supply Alert: Colonial Pipeline Outage – RED ALERT

By Published On: September 15, 2016

Gainesville, GA – September 15, 2016 – Last Friday, September 9, a leak was found on the Colonial Pipeline’s gas line near Helena, AL, halting the flow of gasoline from the Gulf Coast to the Southeast. Colonial Pipeline’s main gasoline line continues to be down, impacting supply from Mississippi to Maryland. Colonial began shipping gas along the diesel line today, which only provided minimum relief. The main gas line is not expected to begin pumping until this weekend at the earliest. Currently, unbranded gas supply is very limited along the pipeline. Supply also anticipates diesel to become challenging beginning this weekend/early next week.

Mansfield’s Supply and Logistics Teams are meeting daily and treating this situation with the same importance and urgency as a natural disaster and moving to Red Alert. We are currently long hauling from coastal terminals and other supply regions to mitigate the effects of the shortage. As a result, carrier capacity is also impacted due to the additional long hauls required to service customers. We would caution all customers to take fuel savings measures over the next week, or to place orders well in advance of need to allow time to procure supply.

Below is a picture of Colonial Pipeline for reference.

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