Mansfield Energy Customers Increase Fixed Price Fuel Purchasing to Address Price Volatility Trends

By Published On: November 28, 2017

Recent hurricane and pipeline disruptions, rising diesel prices and OPEC decisions drive more companies to manage risk with structured or fixed price fuel purchases

Gainesville, GA – November 28, 2017 – Mansfield Energy Corp, North America’s largest energy supply and logistics provider, announced today it is seeing rising demand for Fixed Price and Risk Management services across its customer base in response to the global rise in fuel price risks. Blake Young, President of Mansfield Oil Company explains, “Fuel price volatility can significantly impact the bottom line of companies – particularly those with large, nationwide fleets. Many of our Fortune 100 customers rely on price protection to mitigate the impact unforeseen natural and political events have on fuel prices.”

Jay Blanton, Director of Fuel Price Risk Management for Mansfield adds, “Although prices were calm through much of 2017, the end-of-year trend has been towards greater volatility and unpredictable price movements. We’ve seen Calendar Year 2018 NYMEX diesel prices move up significantly in just two months—from averaging $1.72 in September to $1.88 in November. The upcoming OPEC meeting on November 30th could further contribute to fuel price volatility and higher prices.”

Mansfield price protection services are used by a broad range of industries, including transportation, government, waste services, construction, and more. Some customers choose price protection to meet a fuel budget, while others use it to achieve consistent pricing for nationwide operations. “With fuel costs often in the top-five expenses for companies,” Young continues, “It’s no surprise that more of our customers are considering Mansfield’s strategic pricing options to protect their income statements from exposure to unpredictable market prices.”

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