Mansfield Energy Advances Digital Vision Through Microsoft Partnership

By Published On: December 18, 2020

Leading Fuel Supplier Announces Collaboration with Microsoft

Gainesville, GA, December 18, 2020 – Mansfield Energy has announced a partnership with Microsoft as part of its digital vision to simplify the North American fuel supply chain. Mansfield’s digital vision includes leveraging Microsoft’s advanced business platforms, customized by Mansfield, to transform the fuel buying experience into an efficient, digitally-enabled process.

Mansfield Chief Information Officer Greg Allarding stated, “As we continue accelerating Mansfield’s digital strategy, we are excited to partner with Microsoft to support our ambitious transformation program.  By leveraging Microsoft’s array of leading-edge technologies, we can better integrate the entire fuel value chain, connecting customers, vendor partners, and employees.”

Mansfield has invested heavily in its digital footprint for many years, including its state-of-the-art order management and optimization system, Entinuum, its D1 Connect platform for digital collaboration with delivery partners, its new Mansfield Data Analytics Platform (MDAP) and, most recently, the release of its newest version of FuelNet, the most advanced customer portal technology in the fuel delivery sector.

Mansfield also provides specialized training to customers on integrating fuel data insights into their purchasing program. From installing systems and processes and capturing accurate data to converting data into action, Mansfield has webinars and in-person training available for its customers to take advantage of its digital expertise.

Mansfield President Blake Young commented, “Our customers are growing in sophistication, and their fuel programs must keep pace. By extending our digital supply chain footprint – coupled with advanced data analytics capabilities – to our delivery partners and customers, Mansfield can offer a unique blend of products, services, and insights to customers that is unmatched in the industry. Mansfield’s bold vision of touchless fuel transaction management, from order to delivery to reporting, will provide the analytics customers need to control fuel costs, reduce fuel consumption, and manage their carbon footprint.”

Mansfield’s partnership with Microsoft accelerates Mansfield’s digital transformation by tapping into expertise in machine learning, process automation, and data analytics to speed up operational processes and improve the customer experience.

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