FUELSNews Supply Alert – Colonial Pipeline Outage Update – RED ALERT Remains

By Published On: September 21, 2016

Gainesville, GA – September 21, 2016 – Analysis by the Mansfield Supply & Logistics Team – A SOLUTION MAY BE WITHIN REACH!

Colonial announced yesterday that they plan on restarting Line 1 at full capacity today using the temporary, 500-foot line. Product will remain tightly allocated until next week, as it will take several days before the product begins arriving to the terminals. Assuming all goes well with temporary pipeline, a return to normal supply dynamics should come by early October. Long hauling will continue to be necessary for the remainder of the week, putting continued strain on delivery capabilities. Once gasoline deliveries resume on Line 1, Line 2 can begin shipping just diesel as usual, which will help lighten the strain on diesel supplies throughout the Southeast.

With supply disruption has come significant price increases. Georgia has seen the price jumps most acutely, with gasoline prices jumping nearly a quarter on average across the state. Most other Southeast states have seen price increases of roughly $.10-.15. Areas closest to the coast have been less severely affected, since many coastal cities have barge capabilities and are not reliant on the Colonial Pipeline.

Mansfield’s Supply & Logistics Teams are continuing to monitor the situation and schedule long hauls for customers throughout the Southeast. When ordering fuel, please continue to give advanced notice to allow time to procure product and transportation.

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