Managing Fuel Inventories? Follow These 5 Rules for Success

By Published On: July 27, 2023Categories: Daily Market News & Insights

We recently wrote about the benefits of outsourcing your inventory management program with your fuel supplier. Your sites can save 1-2 hours per week managing fuel inventories and ordering fuel, and you’ll get more reliable and consistent deliveries.

If your sites are still managing their own fuel inventories, it’s important to make sure they have the tools and training to be effective. Today, we’ll review some best practices to make sure the process is as streamlined and efficient as possible.


Best Practices

  1. Embrace Automation: Utilize fuel monitoring systems, such as fuel sensors and management software, to gain real-time visibility into your inventory levels and usage patterns. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions and optimize your fuel purchasing strategy.


  1. Conduct Regular Audits: Regularly audit your fuel usage to detect any losses due to theft, fraud, or leaks. By ensuring the accuracy of your inventory levels, you can promptly address discrepancies and maintain control over your fuel assets.


  1. Plan for Success: Develop a comprehensive fuel consumption plan by analyzing usage patterns, forecasting future needs, and aligning your fuel purchases with your business operations. This proactive approach prevents overstocking, reduces costs, and optimizes your fuel consumption. Be strategic – determine whether sites should re-order as soon as a full load will fit, or only when the tank is near empty.


  1. Empower Your Team: Educate your employees on fuel management best practices, including proper handling and accurate reporting. You’ll also want to train them on watching the weather for hurricanes, storms, or freezing weather that might impact local fuel supplies. You can start by subscribing your team to FUELSNews for daily market insights.


  1. Unlock the Potential with FuelNet: Fuel inventory management is essential for unlocking your business’s true potential. Mansfield’s fuel management platform, FuelNet, offers operational and financial visibility to improve fuel management. It helps you easily track bulk fuel and DEF purchases, as well as repair and maintenance, all in one place. FuelNet empowers you to take control of your fuel management, simplifying processes and increasing efficiency for your business.

Don’t waste another minute on inefficient fuel management. Contact us today and discover how we can fuel your success.

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