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Do you have an effective way of tracking and managing your DEF costs? In today’s world, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to optimize their operations, cut costs, and increase efficiency. One potential area of optimization is in the management of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). A well-managed DEF program can improve supply reliability while also lowering costs. So, if you are in need of a more reliable DEF management solution – it might be time to look into a DEF Managed Equipment Program Solution.


What is a DEF Managed Equipment Program?

A DEF Managed Equipment Program is a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing the management of diesel exhaust fluid, a fluid that’s mandatory for modern diesel engines. This program focuses on improving supply reliability, lowering costs, and ensuring the consistent quality and performance of DEF through proper storage and delivery systems. By implementing adaptable storage solutions, coordinating equipment upgrades, and providing a seamless workflow for implementation, the program enables businesses to enhance their operations and optimize DEF management, ultimately saving time and money.


Optimizing DEF Storage for Lower Costs and Improved Supply Reliability

Optimized DEF storage reduces the risk of contamination, degradation, and wastage, ultimately saving companies money by minimizing the need for premature replacement or repairs to the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. DEF storage optimization is crucial for businesses that rely on diesel vehicles. By implementing an equipment program that addresses DEF storage and delivery, organizations can effectively lower costs and enhance supply dependability. This new program offers hassle-free upgrades, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget.


Adaptable Solutions for Various Conditions and Capacities

DEF is a critical component for most fleets, and proper storage is essential to maintain its quality and effectiveness. Exposure to contaminants, extreme temperatures, or direct sunlight can degrade DEF, reducing its performance and potentially damaging the SCR system in vehicles.

Rising DEF demand and supply constraints make it imperative to get your storage right. If you buy DEF at retail or don’t have a large enough tank, you run an increased risk of higher costs and even runouts. Many fleets overpay for DEF by 25%-50% due to incorrect storage solutions.

Understanding that businesses have diverse needs and operate in different climates, a DEF Managed Equipment Program offers both cold and warm weather solutions, accommodating storage capacities ranging from 330 to 3,000 gallons. Temperature fluctuations can influence the shelf life, performance, and integrity of DEF, making it essential for businesses to have appropriate storage solutions. By implementing appropriate cold and warm weather DEF storage solutions, companies can ensure the consistent quality and performance of their DEF, ultimately safeguarding their diesel-powered vehicles and optimizing their operations.


Taking Your DEF Program to the Next Level

To make the program effective, a Managed Equipment Program will typically include upgrading storage at every location to an optimal size. Larger storage can lead to saving dimes and dollars per gallon, so larger storage will often pay for itself after just a few refills. That’s because DEF is 67% water, so the product’s cost is impacted by delivery logistics as much as physical supply. The goal is to optimize DEF delivery, storage, and dispensing systems to provide a superior experience for diesel fleets.


Comprehensive Program Workflow

The Diesel Exhaust Fluid Managed Equipment Program features a comprehensive workflow to ensure seamless implementation. The process includes the following:

  1. Establishing equipment specification requirements
  2. Determining communication protocols
  3. Selecting site equipment
  4. Communicating the project plan
  5. Coordinating infrastructure upgrades
  6. Managing equipment delivery and startup
  7. Verifying operations with locations


By adopting a Diesel Exhaust Fluid Managed Equipment Program, businesses can streamline their DEF management process, saving time and money while ensuring supply reliability. Mansfield’s collaborative approach guarantees a seamless and efficient transition to an upgraded DEF program. Visit Mansfield’s DEF page or call us today to learn more about how we can help you boost your DEF storage solutions.

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