Ready to turn fuel problems into solutions? Now You Can

By Published On: April 18, 2023Categories: Daily Market News & Insights

Are you struggling to get ahead in your fuel program?

After years of volatility and upheaval, fuel buyers face a constant barrage of disruptions that prevent them from getting the job done. In a recent webinar, Mansfield asked customers what their biggest concerns were for 2023. Among the top results were a looming recession, supply uncertainty, and rising costs.



Beyond those top 3 items, fleets face a huge number of challenges – financial challenges, driver retention, environmental risk, data challenges, sustainability goals, and much more. And many fleets barely have control over their fuel program to begin with, with purchases spread among 50 different vendors, not counting the dozens of supplemental vendors to cover things like DEF, tank repairs, fuel testing, and more.

Your fuel program represents a top three operating expense category. If done right, it can be a competitive advantage. If not, it can be a burden on your business.

Are you ready to turn fuel problems into solutions?


Turn Your Fuel Program into a Competitive Advantage

To be confident in your fuel program, you’ll need a strategic partner who can help you with the following steps:


  • Centralize Your Program

While there are advantages to empowering your local teams to make decisions, fuel purchasing may be more effective when done centrally. You can leverage all of your volume to secure better discounts and instill best practices across every location. To centralize, you’ll need to gather key information for each site, such as hours of operation, a fuel buying contact, tank and vehicle data, and more. If you’re not sure where to begin, speak with your fuel supplier to see if they can give you a bigger reach in your program.


  • Dig Deep into the Data

Your fuel data is an enormous asset if you’re using it properly. Your data tells you where you’re growing fastest, where you have inefficiency… or where you may have some fuel theft. Once you centralize your purchasing, you should be able to see all your data in one platform.  If your business has an analytics team, they can dive deep into the data to identify useful trends and patterns. If not, see if your fuel partner can provide better advice on the questions you should be asking of your data.


  • Set Bigger Goals

Now that you have control over your entire program, and you have the data to understand what’s happening, it’s time to set bigger goals. Whether you’re tackling your company’s ESG goals, getting all your tanks in compliance with EPA standards, or optimizing your tank sizes to lower your costs, you have the broader solutions to be successful.


Bringing It Together

Once you have control over your program, you can finally achieve your goals. You’ll have the platform to grow and be strategic, not reactive. And you need a partner that can give you the Bigger Reach, Broader Solutions, and Better Advice to get it all done.

Are you ready to turn fuel problems into solutions? Now You Can. Reach out to Mansfield to see how we empower customers to get the products, logistics, and services they need to be competitive.




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