Water in Your Tank? Act fast!

By Published On: February 7, 2023Categories: Daily Market News & Insights

As you know, water and oil do not mix. A significant amount of water in your fuel tank can cause problems with your fleet. Water is a common contaminant of fuels, responsible for two major issues: microbial contamination and corrosion.

Routine maintenance will keep your fuel storage tanks in good shape. Therefore, keeping your storage dry, clean, and free of points of liquid entry is fundamental. Water sources may include rain, condensation from warm days and cool nights, or warm air above ground and cool underground temperatures.

Water in the fuel tank will lead to decreased fuel efficiency, causing your fleet engines to run poorly or not start at all, not to mention the possible corrosion in the fuel system, which will require expensive repairs. Indeed, you want to avoid reaching this stage!

How to know if there’s water in your tank

There are several ways to tell if there is water in your fuel tank:

  • When water is present, fuel may visually appear darker. You may also see signs of microbe growth and smell a different odor.
  • Regularly test fuel samples after the delivery.
  • Pull samples from the bottom of the tank and inspect for free water: gasoline will float on the top layer of water.
  • Check your system for potential loose fits or points of water entry.
  • During a delivery, ask for water-finding paste to be used when sticking the tank. This paste can help identify water hiding at the bottom of the tank.

What Happens Next?

If you suspect there is water in your storage, it is essential to have it drained and the fuel system inspected as soon as possible. Another feasible solution would be the addition of a drying agent to the fuel tank – check with your fuel supplier for all of the options available. Act fast! If you continue to fill up your vehicles with water in the fuel tank, it will cause severe damage to your fleet’s engine and fuel system.

Also, make sure you have a reliable fuel supplier. Mansfield Energy is a trusted partner in delivering fuel quality solutions that take our industry’s low fuel spec and ensure your equipment keeps running.

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