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By Published On: April 1, 2020Categories: COVID-19, Daily Market News & Insights

In the past, the FUELSNews team has enjoyed publishing April FOOLSNews on April 1. In light of the current situation, this year Mansfield is skipping this light-hearted tradition to prevent the spread of misinformation and unnecessary concern. Instead, we choose to focus on the positive.

Mansfield is proud to fuel and support the critical organizations that are fighting back against COVID-19. Today we celebrate the heroes that are serving on the front-lines in the response to the coronavirus, from medical professionals to truck drivers and more. Thank you all for your contribution; together, we’re working to deliver a safe and healthy future.

Outbreak makes America’s truckers heroes of the highway

People are holding signs on the interstate highway that say “THANK YOU TRUCKERS!” The importance of the $800bn trucking sector is difficult to overstate. Two-thirds of America’s consumer goods are transported to market by truck, leading to the common refrain that “if trucking stops, the world stops”. Refrigerated loads, known as “reefers”, are up 107 per cent from a year ago, an “unprecedented surge” due to demand at grocery stores, according to Truckstop.com, a freight-matching marketplace.

#EverydayHeroes of the Waste Industry

Maryland-based recycling company Sun Services’ partner Gary Shipp discovered 36,000 new and unopened N95 masks while unloading dumpsters last year. “He saved the protective gear, and now Shipp and his partners, Andrew Springer and son Brian Shipp, are donating them to local hospitals and nursing homes.”

Construction Companies Rush to Donate Masks

Industry donations of masks and other construction site protective gear are rising as firms assist healthcare workers to handle growing COVID-19 caseloads across the U.S. and to support medical facility clients. Click Here to read more from ENR.

Celebrate Farmers Today, Every Day

Agriculture Secretary Perdue issued a brief statement Tuesday, saying, “Our farmers, ranchers, foresters, and producers in America are feeding and clothing the world. Now more than ever it’s important that the American people not forget that. Our farmers are resilient, and during these uncertain times they are still working, day in and day out, to produce what’s needed for our growing population. Click Here to read what farmers are doing to help feed us all.

Utilities Keep the Lights On

As the nation mobilizes to contain the coronavirus, utilities’ most vulnerable customers need special assistance as the pandemic exposes and exacerbates existing fault lines between haves and have-nots. Utilities are stepping up to help their most vulnerable customers in their time of need. Given most utilities’ identification and continued work in public service, it puts them at the hub of being able to integrate resources across the spectrum on behalf of troubled customers. Click Here to read more from UtilityDive how utilities are supporting at-risk communities.

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