Natural Gas News – July 18, 2018

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Natural Gas News – July 18, 2018

Drillers Burned Off Less Natural Gas in 2017, Reversing a Trend

Bloomberg reported: Oil producers around the globe burned off less natural gas last year, reversing a trend that started in 2010 and sparked concern the emissions were contributing to climate change. About 141 billion cubic meters (4.98 trillion cubic feet) of gas was flared in 2017, down about 5 percent from the previous year, according to the World Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership, a public-private initiative to limit the practice. Flaring occurs when gas that’s produced alongside crude is burned off instead of being sold, often because there aren’t enough pipelines connecting the field to major markets. Though Russia burned off the most gas, it also saw the biggest drop in flaring. The nation is exporting more of the fuel to Europe, where production from the continent’s largest gas field is dwindling, and has also boosted liquefied natural gas shipments to overseas buyers with the startup of a new export plant last year. For more on this story visit or click

Man Cutting Tree Roots in Lawn Slices Open Gas Line with Saw; Street Evacuated

Capital Journal reported: A homeowner cutting tree roots in his lawn next to his sidewalk in the 500 block of Oneida Street punctured a natural gas line Tuesday evening, causing the Pierre Fire Department and Police Department to evacuate several homes nearby and barricade a block or more in each direction. No one was hurt. The man had concrete for a new sidewalk poured earlier Tuesday and he was trying to clean up some tree roots exposed by the sidewalk work. He was using a trowel and an electric saw, he said. When the saw cut through the yellow plastic gas line, it was obvious from the sound and smell what had happened.“ I got the hell out of there,” the man told the two men working to put a temporary shut down on the gas line until a permanent fix can be made. For more on this story visit or click

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