Nat Gas News – November 21, 2017

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Nat Gas News – November 21, 2017

Houston puts forth liquefied natural gas proposal

News-Miner reported: FAIRBANKS — Exporting liquefied natural gas to other parts of the state has long been on the radar for residents of Houston, Alaska, but it wasn’t until two years ago when a new railroad spur was constructed that this plan be-came feasible. Knikatnu Inc., an Alaska Native Corp. in the Matanuska Susitna Valley, has teamed up with individuals from the valley and even consulted with global energy giant Siemens in developing a proposal to bring a gas liquefaction plant to Houston. The plan to liquefy natural gas in Houston and ship it to the Inte-rior by way of the Alaska Railroad has been pitched as a safer, more economically viable means of transporting natural gas to Fairbanks. However, the Interior Gas Utility, and the states eco-nomic development authority have heard the pitch and they’re not interested. In a recent IGU board meeting, the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority’s energy project team lead, Gene Therriault, said the proposal coming out of Houston has been “a little disingenuous.” For more visit or click 

Massive gas line explosion leaves 18-foot crater in Orion Township

Detroit Free Press reported: A ruptured gas line caused a massive fire that left an 18-foot-deep crater in an area of Orion Town-ship near the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets mall on Monday night, authorities say. A fire was reported shortly after 9:52 p.m., when Consumers Energy noticed a drop in pressure on its gas system, the energy company said in a news release. The fire was north of Brown Road near Joslyn Road, near the border with Auburn Hills. Orion Township Fire Chief John Pender said the fire was on vacant land, the Associated Press reports. “We inspected the site of the ruptured gas line and surrounding area and found nothing suspi-cious or unusual relating to an intentional act,” Captain Mel Maier of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said in an e-mail. For more visit or click 




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