Nat Gas News – September 25, 2017

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Nat Gas News – September 25, 2017

We Can Make Natural-Gas Pipelines Safer

The Pittsburgh Post- Gazette reports: As the economy recovers, the use of natural gas continues to accelerate and excavation and development projects ramp up nationwide. Protecting underground pipelines is more vital than ever. Unlike most issues where regulatory primacy is left to the federal government or the states, pipeline safety is one of the rare areas where jurisdiction is shared. Interstate pipelines clearly fall under the federal government’s jurisdiction to regulate, while intrastate pipelines primarily fall within the state’s regulatory authority. While seemingly straightforward, other dynamics complicate the issue of who has greater regulatory authority. For example, excavation and construction activity fall fully within the state regulatory authority but they have been among the leading cause of pipeline incidents for years. Despite the overlap in the power to regulate, the federal government has been content deferring much of the regulation to states while making sure certain basic protections are in place. For more on this story visit or click the following link

Natural Gas Boom Has Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Led to Cleaner Air

The Houston Chronicle reports: There is a direct connection between carbon reductions and America’s energy renaissance. Carbon emissions from power generation have plunged to nearly 30-year lows, and more than 60 percent of the decrease has come from the increased use of clean natural gas. Plentiful and affordable due to advances in production technology, the emergence of natural gas as part of the climate solution is market-driven, not government-mandated. We’re producing natural gas at record levels – up more than 51 percent since 1990 – yet EPA data show that methane emissions from production fell 16 percent in real terms during that same period. For more on this story visit or click

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