Nat Gas News – May 30, 2017

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Nat Gas News – May 30, 2017

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Why U.S. Natural Gas Demand Is Closer to Tipping the Market

The Wall Street Journal reports: Over the past 10 years, the amount of coal used to generate electricity has fallen by a third while the quantity of natural gas has risen by two-thirds, according to the Energy Information Administration. Natural gas in underground storage last fall hit the highest-ever level before the winter heating season. Like many economic trends, though, extrapolating an abundance of natural gas forever, along with very cheap prices in recent years, has changed economic behavior. Not only power generators but several industrial facilities were or are being built to use natural gas and related liquids. On top of that, growing pipeline gas exports to Mexico and the construction of more LNG export facilities will siphon off an increasing amount of the surplus gas. Furthermore, Canadian exports to the U.S. have been falling as that country’s domestic demand rises. For more on this story visit or

New Technology Burns Natural Gas with No CO2 Emissions

Science Blog reports: How can we burn natural gas without releasing CO2 into the air? This feat is achieved using a special combustion method that TU Wien has been researching for years: chemical looping combustion (CLC). In this process, CO2 can be isolated during combustion without having to use any additional energy, which means it can then go on to be stored. This prevents it from being released into the atmosphere. The method had already been applied successfully in a test facility with 100 kW fuel power. An international research project has now managed to increase the scale of the technology significantly, thus creating all the necessary conditions to enable a fully functional demonstration facility to be built in the 10 MW range. For more on this story visit or click

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