Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices are down to $48.00 this morning after making slight gains yesterday and opening this morning at $48.36. Crude prices have fallen 41 cents (-.85%) since closing yesterday at $48.41. Crude prices weaken despite the relatively constructive EIA U.S. inventory report published Wednesday. Refined products strengthened yesterday and this morning following the EIA report. […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices remain mostly unchanged from yesterday’s close losing a mere 11 points (.23%) to be trading at $47.72 this morning. During yesterday’s trading, crude remained fairly flat with only 83 cents between the high and low of the session. Refined products have made slight gains since yesterday’s close. Like crude, gasoline remained mostly flat […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude oil prices are relatively unchanged since yesterday’s trading session. Crude prices are down slightly this morning at $47.29, losing 8 points (.17%) from yesterday’s close. Prices have continued their losses this week, shedding $1.22 since Friday’s surprising close. Although crude has given up the majority of its late week gains, it has yet to reach the lows […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices move lower this morning, diminishing a portion of Friday’s increases. Crude prices are $48.37 this morning, losing $.14 (.29%) from Friday’s close. Prices opened at $46.93 on Friday and gained $1.58 to close at $48.51. There was a combination of different factors that contributed to higher prices in the market late last week. Some analysts attribute […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices are $46.93 this morning, down $.16 (.34%) from yesterday’s close but higher overall than yesterday morning. Prices rose $.29 yesterday, as prices found technical support at the 50-day moving average for WTI. The news this week has been bearish, and markets are staying in line with that trend. Despite a small boost to […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crudes prices are down to $46.58 this morning after significant losses yesterday and continued losses this morning. After some early morning strength yesterday, prices gave up 94 cents (-2.0%) following the EIA’s inventory report. Crude prices have fallen $.20 (-.43%) since closing yesterday as the markets continue to process the news. Refined products also took […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices found some support yesterday, and today are trading at $47.71. Crude prices fell yesterday morning but managed to recoup their losses, ending the day a mere 5 cents above their opening price. Prices have risen $.16 (.34%) this morning. Volume picked up yesterday following the API report, but a high dollar managed to […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices are $47.14 this morning after losing $1.20 (2.5%) yesterday. Prices have continued their losses today, shedding 45 cents since opening this morning at $47.49. Today’s price was the lowest opening price in nearly three and a half weeks. Combined, crude prices are down 3.74% from the price we shared yesterday morning. Refined products […]

Gasoline and Diesel Retail Prices

The EIA release their weekly retail fuel prices report yesterday. Diesel continues their across-the-board price hikes, while gasoline showed more mixed results. These results were somewhat surprising given that NYMEX diesel prices fell by nearly a penny last week, while NYMEX gasoline shed nearly four cents. Both products have now fallen for two weeks straight […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices are $48.97 this morning, rising $.15 from Friday’s close. Friday saw prices stay relatively flat, gaining just $.30 (.62%) during the trading session. After Thursday’s IEA report caused crude prices to fall nearly $2, prices have been hovering in the $48-$49 range. Prices began this morning lower, but have since risen to just […]

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