Week in Review – March 17, 2023

Analysis by Sydney Casey This week, the financial landscape was shaken by an unprecedented banking crisis that has left markets reeling and investors on edge. For instance, Goldman Sachs raised its 2023 recession probability from 25% to 35%, noting that risky assets like equities and commodities could face pressure. In the eye of the storm, […]

Fuel Tank Testing: Best Practices for Fuel Quality, Compliance, and Safety

Owning a bulk tank may be essential for many companies that require uninterrupted access to fuel. While convenient, on-site tanks require regular testing and maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition. Proper conservation is also essential for maintaining the quality of the fuel stored. Neglecting tank care may result in fuel contamination, negatively impacting […]

Scope 1,2,3 Emissions – What Is It

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are well-known in the fuel and transportation industry, since road transportation accounts for 24% of US emissions. Check the news, and you’ll see all kinds of measures being put in place to lower consumer and business emissions. But to truly lower emissions, it’s important to understand your business’s climate impact. Tracking […]

Silicon Valley Bank Failure – What Does It Mean for Fuel Prices?

In the face of the Silicon Valley Bank failure, fuel prices are a bit lower but have also shown a bit more strength than crude oil. Crude oil is trading near the bottom of its recent trading range, slumping to $73/bbl after two days of losses. Uncertainty about the SVB bank closure, mixed with surprising […]

Construction Fleets: 4 Steps To Efficiently Buy Fuel

The construction industry keeps North America growing, and their fleets are the engine that makes change a reality. They require a steady supply of fuel to continue running and complete projects on time. Because your equipment can’t stop running, it’s critical to secure the fuel you need in a competitive way. The method for buying […]

Week in Review – March 10, 2023

Oil markets are expecting a busier than usual maintenance season over the next few months, meaning less supply in the short-term. Last year, refiners delayed projects due to high 3:2:1 crack spreads; now, they’re making up for it with more maintenance than usual. Refinery utilization is hovering around 86% as a result of planned downtime, […]

FOB Fuel: What You Need to Know

There are many ways to buy fuel – by the truckload, at a gas station, delivered directly to your equipment, or in bulk. Today, we’ll be talking about that last way of buying – purchasing wholesale fuel in bulk. Some companies don’t need fuel delivered, either because they own or contract their own fuel trucks […]

What Is It – Argus

Have you ever been curious as to how your fuel supplier settles on pricing and how it compares to the market rate? Our continued series on fuel price indexes has covered several pricing strategies and types of indexes, but there are still a few more to unpack. Today we will be covering Argus, how it […]

Sanctions, Production Cuts, and Inflation Concerns Cause Crude to Decline

Markets are weary this morning as traders examine the latest developments across the globe. Among the greatest concerns are sanctions and production cuts on Russian supply, Saudi Arabia spiking prices on its light crude, and the latest oil rig counts in the US and Canada that could predict how oil markets will perform. After steady […]

Natural Disaster Or Unexpected Event? Learn how to keep your vehicles running

Unforeseeable natural disasters or emergencies can occur without warning, leaving you without fuel. It’s crucial to be well-prepared and have adequate support to mitigate and overcome their impact on your business. When a hurricane or tornado hits certain areas, for example, the local fuel supply may be cut off or become limited. This can cause […]

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