Fuel Polishing – Don’t Let Fuel Contamination Derail Your Operations

Neglecting the quality of the fuel you use is not an option if you rely on it to keep your operations running. Whether you’re powering truck fleets, marine vessels, generators, or anything in between, fuel is a critical asset that requires proper management and maintenance. And let’s not forget – when storing fuel for extended […]

Week in Review – March 24, 2023

Crude oil prices are facing downward pressure this morning, dropping over $2.50/bbl. This decline is likely due to concerns surrounding Deutsche Bank, which may be the next institution to experience bottlenecks. The ongoing apprehension of contagion within the banking sector adds to the uncertainty affecting oil prices. The current state of lower equities and yields, […]

Oil Prices are Gradually Recovering Despite Banking Stress, Recession Fears, and Investor Exodus

The world has witnessed a sharp decline in oil prices despite a China demand boom. Goldman Sachs attributes the recent decline to banking stress, recession fears, and an exodus of investor flows. However, historical data shows that after such scarring events, positioning and prices recover gradually, especially for long-dated prices. Indeed, that’s what we’re seeing […]

Commingling – What Is It

We have all heard the term mingling, but do you know what commingling is? In the oil and gas industry, the term is used to define the blending of fuels, either intentionally or unintentionally. With that surface-level description, let’s dive deeper into commingling and what you need to know about it.   What is commingling? Commingling […]

Banking Crisis, G7 Price Cap, and Record US Oil Exports Amid Economic Uncertainty – Navigating Turbulent Waters

The ongoing banking crisis is significantly impacting crude oil prices, causing concerns among investors and traders worldwide. Last week, oil prices fell to the lowest level since a brief 4-day period in December 2021; prices have not been consistently below $70 since June 2021. This morning, oil was gaining buyers, which allowed the contract to […]

Keep the Wheels Turning and the Environment Safe: How to Dispose of Used Oil Responsibly

Oils and lubricants are essential resources to keep vehicles running smoothly. However, used oil contains a variety of potentially harmful components, including heavy metals, PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyl, a banned substance), and other contaminants. When released into the environment, these components can contaminate soil and water sources, leading to long-term environmental damage and posing a risk […]

Week in Review – March 17, 2023

Analysis by Sydney Casey This week, the financial landscape was shaken by an unprecedented banking crisis that has left markets reeling and investors on edge. For instance, Goldman Sachs raised its 2023 recession probability from 25% to 35%, noting that risky assets like equities and commodities could face pressure. In the eye of the storm, […]

Fuel Tank Testing: Best Practices for Fuel Quality, Compliance, and Safety

Owning a bulk tank may be essential for many companies that require uninterrupted access to fuel. While convenient, on-site tanks require regular testing and maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition. Proper conservation is also essential for maintaining the quality of the fuel stored. Neglecting tank care may result in fuel contamination, negatively impacting […]

Scope 1,2,3 Emissions – What Is It

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are well-known in the fuel and transportation industry, since road transportation accounts for 24% of US emissions. Check the news, and you’ll see all kinds of measures being put in place to lower consumer and business emissions. But to truly lower emissions, it’s important to understand your business’s climate impact. Tracking […]

Silicon Valley Bank Failure – What Does It Mean for Fuel Prices?

In the face of the Silicon Valley Bank failure, fuel prices are a bit lower but have also shown a bit more strength than crude oil. Crude oil is trading near the bottom of its recent trading range, slumping to $73/bbl after two days of losses. Uncertainty about the SVB bank closure, mixed with surprising […]

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