Today’s Market Trend

Oil prices are generally seeking higher ground, responding to yesterday’s EIA inventory report. Crude prices are up $.50 today to $52.64, after trading flat yesterday. Just last week, crude prices peaked above $50 for the first time in months; in the past, prices hitting $50 has triggered selling and traders bidding the market down again. […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices are at $51.93 this morning, down just slightly from yesterday’s close. Crude traded mostly flat yesterday, with prices ending the day just 25 cents below the opening. After Monday’s 3% gains, markets have been calm as some traders cash in their profits and exit the market. Still, the overall sentiment in the market […]

Today’s Market Trend

Oil prices across the board soared higher, with crude oil surpassing $52 to close yesterday, a full 3% gain during the trading session. Gasoline and diesel posted similar gains. Crude oil prices are currently $52.17, taking a breather overnight amid profit taking after yesterday’s strong price rally. Refined products are in a similar boat. Diesel […]

Today’s Market Trend

It’s Friday, and after weeks of choppy trading markets appear ready for an easy lead-in to the weekend. Crude prices are down just 4 cents to $50.51 this morning. Prices have ranged between $50-$51 since Wednesday, a very small window. Diesel movements are equally narrow, moving a tenth of a cent lower to $1.8163 after […]

Today’s Market Trend

Oil markets are down across the board following price gains yesterday. Crude prices managed to break through the $50 for a whole night, closing the trading session yesterday at $50.69. This morning prices are down slightly, though still above the $50 level (at least for now) at $50.27. Diesel prices also finished the day above […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices are relatively flat this morning, continuing to hover between $49-$50. Prices continue struggling to break out above $50; however, prices reached a high of $50.42 during late night/early morning trading before edging back down to the current price of $49.96, just under 1% higher than yesterday’s close. Refined products are mimicking crude this […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices are moving higher this morning after trending flat yesterday and overnight. Crude prices are $50.32, up $.41 from yesterday’s close. As we stated yesterday, crude prices have struggled to stay above $50 – after prices broke through the $50 ceiling yesterday morning, they fell back down to close the day at $49.91. The […]

Today’s Market Trend

Crude prices remain mostly flat, down just $.25 this morning to $49.64 compared to Friday’s close. Crude markets gained $2.31 last week, but Friday’s trade was mostly steady.  Markets have dipped slightly lower this morning, but the general market sentiment has been bullish lately. Refined products are once again mixed. Diesel prices are $1.7814, down […]

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