Power Supply

Mansfield Power & Gas provides electric power supply in numerous deregulated markets. Our products include energy, capacity and risk mitigation products.

Fixed Price

We offer short and long-term options for locking in your price and increasing your energy budget certainty. You have a number of Mansfield options for removing commodity price volatility from you budget. To learn more, fill out a quick Contact Us message on the right side of this page.

Indexed Pricing

If capturing downward price movement cost savings is your primary focus, we have indexed pricing that passes the savings along to you. Send us an email today and one of our energy experts will contact you shortly. Use the Contact Us message on the right side of this page.

Price Caps

Our price cap product allows you to enjoy the benefit of lowering market prices, without taking the risk of higher energy costs if the market price rises above your predetermined maximum price threshold. Contact us for more details on your options.

Blended Pricing

With our blended approach, you can attain a fixed price for a portion of your usage through time. This approach avoids the need to buy all of your volume at a fixed price at a single point in time.

Decision Support Partnership

Our goal is to create value for you through maximizing your specific energy goals. We use a set of tools and expert support that helps you manage and refine purchasing decisions over time. Plan strategies, track budgets, and make informed decisions about your energy purchases.


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