Natural Gas Supply

Mansfield Power & Gas serves your needs with traditional natural gas supply, LNG and CNG, on our network of natural gas storage facilities and transmission pipelines serving the Canadian and US markets.

We provide short and long-term hedging (physical and financial), structured products and peaking solutions. We also provide engineering, construction, and supply for CNG/LNG facilities serving industrial customers or fleet services through our affiliate.

From dependable supply to affordable contract options, Mansfield is committed to providing the best natural gas service in the country. We transform knowledge, reliability, and leadership into exceptional value and dependable service for a full range of commercial and industrial customers.

Transportation & Supply

We work around-the-clock to meet all transportation and supply needs, ranging from scheduling to nomination and balancing services.

  • Firm Service: Even during peak periods, you can rely on a constant supply of natural gas for your business.
  • Interruptible Service: A more economical option for some large businesses, you receive natural gas based on specific schedules or contracts that anticipate and permit interruption on short notice, generally during periods of peak demand.
  • Balancing Service: Regardless of whether you're over or under usage, service can be customized to meet your peak period.
  • Consolidated Billing: All charges, including transportation and commodity, are rolled into one bill.
  • Purchasing and Transporting: We'll arrange the purchase and delivery of your natural gas.

Pricing & Contract Options

For commercial and industrial accounts, we offer flexible agreements with multiple pricing options and varying contract terms. Please contact us to find out which services are available to you.

  • Fixed Price: Regardless of market volatility, you can lock in your natural gas price for a specified term.
  • Index Price: The price is based on a published index at a main trading hub and varies each month.
  • Basis Price: The price is based on the difference between a published index at a major trading hub and a New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) price.
  • Gas Daily: The commodity is purchased at a published market price that fluctuates daily based on the interstate pipeline serving your location.
  • Caps, Collars, Floors: Price parameters can be established around a high or low price tied to various price indicators.

Asset Management Services

We analyze your natural gas assets to generate a customized review. Once your business needs are determined, we proactively manage your transportation capacity to ensure all supply requirements are met and assets are optimized. As a result, you achieve maximum value from your transportation, storage and supply assets.

Risk Management & Financial Services

In today's volatile energy market, understanding the risks is essential to business operations. Our energy experts are on top of these transactions and know the importance of risk mitigation. We have the expertise to effectively manage your risks.

Adding Value to Our Services

As we meet the needs of customers of all types, we also offer a number of services to enhance the consumer experience:

  • Gas-to-Gallons (G2G): We convert your natural gas and electric supply into a gasoline or diesel gallon equivalent, use our proprietary CNG calculation engine to handle your conversion and associated motor fuel tax returns, and bill your CNG gallon on the same bill with your gasoline and diesel wet gallons.
  • Summary Billing: Provide the ability to aggregate accounts on a single statement bill.
  • Seasonal Savings Program: Caters to customers who consume natural gas only during seasonal periods and features an automated turn-on and turn-off process.


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