Power & Gas

For over 50 years, Mansfield has delivered energy solutions to industry leaders in the commercial, government and retail sectors. Operating coast to coast with the scale, the expertise and the track record of delivering cost savings and reliability to over 20,000 locations. Our broad industry capabilities enable us to develop comprehensive and reliable natural gas supply, storage, and risk management solutions while also bringing new perspectives and innovation to our customers power needs.

Bringing a fresh perspective to Power and Gas

Innovating in mission critical areas is a daunting challenge. In many cases new ideas and strategies may be attractive but are only offered by new start up companies that lack the track record to provide the confidence needed to transition such a crucial business input. Mansfield provides a unique solution to this challenge, by being a 50+ year old $8+ billion start up in power and gas.

We simply are not approaching power and gas supply like everyone else because we bring a new and different perspective to both problems and opportunities in both supply chains.

Our approach is informed and supported by five decades of commodities experience and a deep appreciation for managing the risks that volatile commodities introduce into our customers operations.

With natural gas service in nearly every market and power supply in most deregulated markets Mansfield is building the scope of supply and services our national account customers need to reduce costs while improving sustainability and ensuring reliable operations.


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