Mansfield Fleet Card Program

Fleet Card Solutions for Every Gallon Burned

Mansfield's end-to-end solutions offer the flexibility and features needed to secure discounts and preferred pricing for your retail fuel purchases. But, that's just the beginning. Mansfield Fleet Cards are integrated seamlessly with Mansfield's full range of fuel solutions. From full truckloads of bulk fuel and tank wagon deliveries of small bulk quantities, to onsite vehicle deliveries from our mobile refueling services -- Mansfield offers a streamlined fuel management platform, with consolidated reporting for every gallon burned.


Use Less, Lose Less with Level III Reporting

Is your company trying to:

  • Reduce Shrink & Eliminate Fuel Losses?
  • Benchmark Vehicle Performance & Costs?
  • Use Less Fuel & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?
  • Improve Fuel Economy & Routing Efficiency?

If so, the key to success is to begin with comprehensive and transparent reporting of your fuel usage – by driver, vehicle and department. With Level III reporting, you can leverage the most detailed transactional data available to develop solutions to reduce fuel consumption and waste.

Mansfield maintains partnerships will all of the major retail card brands. By leveraging the networks of these best-in-class providers, Mansfield offers a customized solution to fit your needs. Access to all of these networks means unparalleled acceptance, data, and control. Managing your fleet card program with a Mansfield Fleet Card means drawing upon the best practices of the nation's leading fuel management company. Below are the benefits of using a Mansfield Fleet Card, with your choice of networks that can be tailored to your fleet:

Nationwide Acceptance

Whether onsite or on the route, your drivers will have access to more fueling locations when they use Mansfield Fleet.

  • Access to more than 250,000 retail locations nationwide
  • Fuel & maintenance locations at the major regional, national, independent and travel center brands
  • Acceptance at over 93% of locations nationwide

Mansfield's nationwide retail networks are adding new sites all the time. Through partnerships with all the major retail card brands, Mansfield offers a universal solution to fit your acceptance needs.

Control Costs

Mansfield Fleet enables your business to minimize fraud and limit unwanted purchases on cards. By creating easily customized card profiles, you can control purchases and eliminate the abuse of your fleet cards.

  • Account or card level controls and exception flagging
  • Restrict cards to fuel & maintenance or fuel only
  • Driver PIN prompts allow for purchase tracking by both vehicle and driver
  • Flag purchases by number per day, time of day, day of week, gallon or dollar amount
  • Exception alerts keep you aware of suspect transactions when they occur

With 99.6% of transactions occurring electronically, Mansfield can help you monitor purchasing behavior and control preventable costs with automated and proven safeguards.

Customized Reporting

Fuel efficiency is integral to your company's success. Effectively managing the information provided by Level III data is a crucial facet of any efficient fuel program. For that reason, Mansfield offers a robust online reporting platform for fuel management. Via secure login, you can access detailed transactional data immediately after it posts to your account in various formats. Customized reporting options include:

  • Summary transaction reports by department, location, or vehicle for any specified period
  • Exception reports auto-generated daily for transactions that exceed your established parameters, allowing you to identify and address any fueling exceptions within 24 hours of occurrence
  • Choose from over 30 fuel management and vehicle analysis reports with detailed transactional data and vehicle performance information to be automatically sent with your invoice

Preferred Pricing

While offering all of the value of nationwide acceptance, purchase controls, Level III detail and online reporting, Mansfield recognizes the need for savings on what you pay at the pump. To that end, Mansfield has the following pricing options available:

  • Fixed price solution mitigates the risk of volatile fuel prices
  • Cent per gallon or percentage discounts and rebates
  • OPIS-based pricing option for indexed performance measurement
  • Tax exemption provided at the pump for qualifying customers

By using a Mansfield Fleet Card, you receive not only the value-added components of Mansfield's fuel management services, but also significant price savings as a valued customer.

Online Fleet Management 24/7

Online data management allows instant access to all card usage at any time via our secure website.

Online controls allow you to:

  • Request new cards
  • Change driver IDs
  • Lock out users
  • Modify purchase controls
  • Track and monitor online purchase activity by vehicle or driver
  • Configure custom exception tracking and alerts
  • Eliminate processing paper receipts via consolidated transaction reports
  • Invoice portal allows you to view bills and corresponding reports

Apply for the Mansfield Fleet Card Program

Apply online for the Mansfield Fleet Card Program or contact one of our Fleet Card specialists by calling 678-450-2211 or email us at

Thank you for your interest in applying for credit with Mansfield Oil Company. We’re excited to provide a convenient and easy online option for you to apply. We look forward to providing simplified solutions for your fuel needs. Before clicking “Apply Here” below, please review initial application terms and information you’ll need to get started.

Information needed to complete the credit application:

  • IRS Form W-9, W-8BEN-E, Canadian Business Number
  • Copies of most recent financial statements
  • Bank Reference Letter(s)

Requirements to complete the credit application:

  • An electronic signature must be provided by an authorized company representative.
  • Terms and conditions must be accepted to successfully submit.

Application processing:

  • Please allow 3-5 business days for credit approval.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application, please contact Mansfield’s credit department at



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