Hedging & Risk Management

We offer nationwide fuel supply, and we have the people, systems, and expertise to evaluate your total cost of ownership associated with fuel to ensure cost containment and affordability as fuel costs fluctuate.

How We Do It

We examine your facilities, dispensing equipment, delivery patterns, consumption, inventories, fleet size, contracts, and various back-office operations to determine your total current fuel costs. We analyze this information and create a strategic solution to help you control your costs.

Managing Your Price Risks

Fuel price volatility has clearly demonstrated the potential to significantly impact the bottom line of many companies. A myriad of influences including geo-political instability, weather, and industry consolidation can and often do create price swings which affect budget and financial performance.

We provide customized tools to streamline your company's financial plan, and effectively help you control price risk exposure. Our custom designed strategies will assist you in meeting your purchasing goals.

Ensuring you meet your financial budget objectives may require a well-executed simple fixed price, or a complex multi-state NYMEX hedge with options to cap or collar your fuel cost. Over the counter financial products, NYMEX futures and fixed price wet barrel deals, are all part of the price risk management and budgeting strategies utilized by the purchasing professionals at Mansfield.

Should you disregard price forecasts?

 Get insights about price risk management here from Jay Blanton, Director of Price Risk Management Solutions.


Solutions to Control Fuel Costs

Mansfield has the most comprehensive fuel network in the nation. We maintain supply and distribution agreements with all the major refiners throughout the United States. This enables us to offer you low-cost purchasing strategies that are comprehensive in scope and scale to cover all of your fuel needs at every location. We can also provide retail purchase optimization and tracking that encompasses every dollar spent on fuel from over the road purchases to bulk fuel at your facilities.

Data Driven Optimization

We track more than 200,000 price changes daily, and offer you the best balance between price optimization and supply reliability each and every day. Using our least cost routing matrix, we examine alternate terminal facilities to determine the best supply origin for your next delivery, balanced with your forecast demand and available delivery windows for each location.

Mansfield can help you control costs by customizing a complete fuel supply or logistics management solution for your organization. We'll help you get fuel to the right place, at the right time.

We provide a variety of purchasing methods to help you meet your cost goals. We also can help you manage your price risk through a suite of price risk management solutions, which are customized for your needs.


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