FuelNet represents the latest generation of web-based online fuel management technology and includes inventory management, compliance management, and repairs tracking. With FuelNet deployed, you can track every piece of fuel system equipment at each site online from anywhere, anytime.


See how FuelNet integrates with your business by downloading the FuelNet flow chart diagram!

Monitor & Manage Fuel Inventories

Mansfield offers complete fuel tank monitoring and inventory management services. As a result, your employees don't spend extra time and effort on tank-related issues.

We track your inventory to keep it consistent with your fuel consumption patterns. We use the collected data to schedule delivery of your fuel. Most importantly, we design programs, methods and procedures to minimize run-outs and overfills. The graphic below depicts our FuelNet online inventory management console that tracks all fuel inventory at each site that can be viewed anywhere anytime by you or your staff.

Tank Monitoring

Mansfield monitors automatic tank gauges (ATGs) remotely at your location on an hourly, daily, or on demand as needed. Each remote tank gauge reading feeds into our FuelNet online inventory management module for easy viewing and management of all fuel inventory.

Mansfield can manage your bulk fuel inventory at locations without ATGs. This includes monitoring tank levels, monitoring market and supply conditions, and scheduling deliveries. Your personnel can submit key daily tank levels directly to Mansfield via our website or by dialing our call center.

Fuel Systems Repairs and Maintenance Management

Track every work order, every warranty on every piece of equipment and lower operating costs while keeping all of your fuel systems in top working condition.


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