Fuel Logistics Management

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Mansfield is your complete source for fuel supply and logistics management services. If you have a direct refiner relationship for supply and simply need an operations partner to manage the distribution and logistics to your locations then our Fuel Logistics Management service may be just what you need. This service can be customized to provide a turn-key hands off solution to your needs.

What Logistics Provides

  • Carrier Management: Leverage our nationwide network of over 750 full truck load and 250 less than truckload carriers to improve service levels, lower your exposure to liabilities, and reduce transportation costs
  • Order Management & Replenishment Planning: Orders captured and scheduled for dispatch and supply optimization by your dedicated customer service representative or through our Inventory Management service
  • Supply Optimization: Maximize the value of the portion of your supply reserved for the spot market. We'll ensure carrier performance and manage contract compliance while harvesting the daily savings presented by today's volatile market
  • Delivery Management: Orders are optimized and scheduled by our Supply Optimization team utilizing the latest technology coupled with Nationwide supply expertise
  • Electronic Invoicing and Consolidated Payments: Centralized and Automated Invoices and Payments to all network Carriers
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery and Delivery Data Updates: All delivery documents and data are available online as well as for electronic delivery through certified interfaces to ERP systems
  • Nationwide Back Up Supply: Supplement your contract supply with our affordable and reliable back up supply provided from over 900 terminals that leverages over 3.5 billion gallons of buying power

Supply Reliability

Our fuel logistics service benefits from a built in back up supply option provided by Mansfield that you can leverage when and if your primary supply partner has an outage or disruption. We refer to this as a "Warm Backup" because we are involved in the daily replenishment and dispatch decisions with your locations and we can efficiently refocus our logistics resources to our internal supply when back up sources are needed to augment your primary source.

This "Warm Backup" lowers the costs associated with obtaining spot supply on the open market, reduces service disruptions due to inexperience with your locations, and ensures transportation resources are available to deliver from a back up supply source.


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