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  • Cummins Westport near-zero NOx rating viewed as game-changer

    October 21, 2015

    The certification of Cummins Westport ISL G 8.9-liter to 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-hour (g/bhp-hr) for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) earlier this week is expected to be a “game changer” for natural gas in the truck market – especially as that same “near-zero NOx” technology gets added to the company’s ISB 6.7-liter and ISX 12G 11.9-liter units.

  • Natural Gas Innovation Continues as Quantum and Ryder Expand Product Offering to Include New High Capacity CNG Storage Systems

    September 16, 2015

    Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ:QTWW), a global leader in natural gas storage systems, integration and vehicle system technologies, announced today that its industry leading Q-Cab160 and Q-Cab180 product series is now available through the Ryder System, Inc. (NYSE:R) network. Ryder, a leader in commercial fleet management, dedicated transportation, and supply chain solutions, is now able to offer its customers the needed capacity in a single module and the benefit of weight reduction and fuel efficiency with this new system offering. The revolutionary 3-tank CNG Module can either be configured as a Q-Cab160 (160 diesel gallon equivalent module) or Q-Cab180 (180 diesel gallon equivalent module).

  • Calif. Offers $10.2M in NGV Grants

    August 20, 2015

    ​The California Energy Commission-funded Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project (NGVIP) will provide $10.2 million in grants to reduce the purchase price of new, on-road natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

  • Nat Gas FUELSNews July 2015 Issue 11

    July 9, 2015

    Latest fuel price and natural gas vehicle news

  • Commentary: Does Range Anxiety Scare You Away?

    July 9, 2015

    Many fleets initially object to new technologies for a wide variety of reasons, many of which can be resolved with simple clarifications of fact versus what their perception may be. One of the most common concerns for heavy duty transport applications seems to be range anxiety.

  • ​Commentary: New Emissions Standards for Heavy Duty Trucks

    July 9, 2015

    Like a storm on the horizon, the industry has seen this coming, and now the wait is over. New “Phase 2” proposed emissions standards[1] for heavy duty trucks were released by EPA on June 19 for public comment. The current Phase 1 standards for fuel efficiency and carbon pollution kick in starting in model year 2017. The new Phase 2 standards are expected to go into effect for the 2021 model year and ramp up through 2027. (

  • Commentary: NGV Tools

    July 9, 2015

    Whether you are already operating a Natural Gas fleet, or just contemplating making the transition, chances are you spend a lot of time looking for information. The good news is that there are some terrific resources on the internet. The bad news is there is A LOT of material on the internet. To help our readers sort the wheat from the chaff, we're dedicating this week's commentary to providing links you can use in a number of relevant areas. And of course, you can always check out our archive of news and commentary at

  • Commentary: Anatomy of a Compressed Natural Gas Station

    June 02, 2015

    Not all Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling stations are created equal. While the basic components are similar among stations, there is a wide variety of configurations depending on vehicle type and fueling rate desired. A small convenience store with a single compressor may be fine for a CNG car, but will likely not be able to physically accommodate your tractor-trailer. Even if it does, the fill rate of a smaller compressor may take too long to fill your tanks.

  • Commentary: To Hedge or not to Hedge

    June 10, 2015

    With fuel prices being as low as they have recently been, this question has crossed most managers’ minds at least once. Any company that is a large consumer of diesel has likely looked at the declining fuel prices since the fourth quarter of 2014 and danced a little jig. Any consumer that wasn’t locked into a fixed price that is. So who is right: the Hedger or the Floater?

  • Commentary: Proper Tractor Specification – Impact on Efficiency and Driver Experience

    June 03, 2015

    Proper specification of a power unit can contribute to improved vehicle safety, better performance and improved efficiencies, less downtime, lower operational costs, and happier drivers.

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