Wholesale Supply

DeliveryONE Wholesale Supply leverages Mansfield's comprehensive fuel and DEF supply network, across the United States and Canada, in order to support DeliveryONE distributors spot or contract supply needs. Our fuel, diesel exhaust fluid, and distribution partners benefit from our low-cost purchasing and storage strategies that have over 3 billion gallons of scale in hundreds of markets, across the U.S.

Benefits of our Wholesale Supply Network:

  • Flexible Competitive Nationwide Supply provides diversity of supply sources and contracts, ensuring reliability and performance during volatile periods due to refining upsets or natural disasters.
  • Wholesale supply ships on all major pipelines including Explorer, Colonial, Plantation, Buckeye, and others, and has its own inventory positions at various third party terminals across the United States, which provides improved supply economics for both parties.
  • Our nationwide and reliable supply network is backed by our long standing relationships with all major and independent refiners with supply and distribution agreements.
  • With one of the largest staffs in the industry and decades of experience, we help thousands of fuel and DEF buyers manage their supply chain in a volatile and ever changing market.
  • Competitive price and supply optimization by market with various spot pricing, day deals, index priced contracts (Platt's, OPIS, Argus, NYMEX), risk management programs, trade credit availability, and supply / trading expertise to help our network compete & grow.
  • Wholesale fuel & DEF supply audits to help you benchmark your performance, analyze your markets, and develop buying strategies by leveraging our expertise. Joint sales/marketing/supply support for key local customers and teaming on national account service.


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