Fleet Fueling

Simplify your mobile fueling needs on a nationwide basis with DeliveryONE. Our network has over 175 local mobile fueling service providers who employ the latest fuel dispensing and tracking technology and who are backed by Mansfield's supply system that distributes billions of gallons of fuel per year. With DeliveryONE Mobile Fueling you improve financial controls, lower fuel costs, consolidate reporting and unit level fuel tracking, and reduce dozens or hundreds of vendors to one centralized nationwide solution.

Mobile Fueling Solution - Supply, Service, and Risk Management

  • Online fuel management technology
  • Single financial settlement across all your mobile fueling locations
  • Combined mobile fueling and fleet card transaction processing, reporting, and settlement for all fuel consumption by vehicle
  • Real-time transaction data and reporting for site level users and corporate operations and procurement staff
  • Track vehicle data and fuel consumption by vehicle, driver, location, region, and division
  • Fixed price fuel hedging solutions that include your mobile fueling gallons in your risk management programs
  • Indexed fuel supply that leverages all of your fuel spend improving your buying power across all the gallons you use


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