Arsenal Additives

Arsenal Additives are specifically formulated to keep heavy duty diesel engines performing at their peak. Our seasonal, year-round, and application-specific fuel additive solutions, increase fuel reliability, protect heavy-duty diesel engines from wear & tear, and improve engine operating efficiency.

ColdPRO - Winter Diesel Fuel Additive

ColdPRO is a high performance winter diesel additive formulated to provide fuel operability down to -40˚F, while also providing power boost, detergency, and lubricity. Click here to learn more.

Clean365 - Premium Year Round Diesel Fuel Additive

Clean365 is a high performance fuel additive that optimizes fuel economy, cleanliness, and stability to recover lost power and improve operability, reducing yearly fuel consumption and costly down-time.

Torpedo - Biocide

Torpedo is a best in class, powerful fuel and water soluble biocide engineered for quick and lasting eliminations of microbial activity in ULSD, heating oil, biodiesel and gasoline.

Dry Tank - Water Reducer & Microbial Growth Inhibitor

Dry Tank disperses entrained water in fuel and inhibits microbial growth to prevent fuel filter plugging, equipment failure, corrosion, and fuel icing.

First+Aid - Emergency Winter Diesel Fuel Reliquefier

For emergency use or anticipated extreme conditions, FIRST AID dissolves gelled fuel in tank and equipment systems and returns it to liquid state, Inhibits further gelling or icing, disperses water and prevents corrosion.

Tank Armor - Power Generator Winterized Diesel Additive

Tank Armor is a high-performance winterized diesel additive designed for enhancing the performance and extending the storage life of diesel fuel in power generation and agriculture applications.


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