FUELTRAC is now a Mansfield Energy company

Acquired in 2018 by Mansfield Energy Corp, a leading North American energy supply and logistics provider, FUELTRAC expands Mansfield’s delivery capability as well as bolsters our ability to respond to customers in the face of hurricanes or other emergency situations. FUELTRAC is partnered with US Bank Voyager Fleet Systems, a leading provider of payment processing and information management services to commercial and government fleets. Companies utilizing FUELTRAC services are provided with detailed transaction data, analysis tools and purchase control capabilities.

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Take advantage of our bundled fleet solutions. Our national universally accepted fleet fuel card will help you manage & control fuel costs by setting purchase limits by card. We can help you manage the fuel in your tanks through our on-site “card lock” system. We can assist you with emergency fuel through our universal “emergency” fuel cards. The FUELTRAC Voyager card is accepted at any airport or fixed-base operation.

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FUELTRAC reduces your fleet fueling and maintenance expenses with our National Fleet Card Program, providing you the most Savings, Convenience, Security and Control.

  • Universal Fleet Fuel Card (250,000+ Locations)
  • Card Lock System
  • Aviation Fuel
  • Bundled Monthly Billing & Reporting, Net 15

Fleet Management Solutions

The FUELTRAC team has over 50 years of combined experience in the fleet fuel industry, supplying quality products and providing excellent service to customers.

Fleet Fuel CardThe FUELTRAC Voyager Universal Fleet Card provides you with the tools to track and manage fleet fuel and maintenance costs.

All of you fleet fuel billed through ONE account


  • ONE invoice & report
  • Pay at the pump
  • Universal Acceptance (250,000+ locations)
  • Monthly billing
  • Customized card-level controls
  • Analysis Tools
  • Tax exemption


  • Security: Restrictions at the point of sale, Eliminate unauthorized purchases, Drivers buy only what you allow
  • Control: Card level restrictions, Fuel only or fuel & other, Transactions/day – Dollars/month, Modify your card features 24/7 online or email customer service
  • Cost Savings: Direct driver to “low” priced stations, Card control – stop unauthorized purchases, Manage efficeintly through detailed reports, Pay ONE vendor
  • Convenience: Pay at the pump, Eliminate cash and personal credit cards, ONE vendor for all fleet needs, Consolidated billing & reporting, View management reports online anytime
  • Online Account Maintenance: Manage vehicles and drivers, Create & save customized reports, Review fuel management
Tank AutomationFUELTRAC will automate your on-site tank through our customized “card lock” system.

Card Lock System (On-site Tanks)

Bundled Fleet Services: On-site and off-site transactions billed in one invoice/report
**Pay for ONLY NEW gallons dispensed, not gross gallons delivered**

Automation with FUELTRAC means:

  • On-site & off-site transactions consolidated
  • Consigned fuel – pay as you pump
  • Limit fuel to authorized employees and vehicles
  • Average savings of 10%-40% in overall fleet expenditures


  • Eliminate costly inventory shrinkage
  • Meet EPA and Fire Marshal requirements
  • Evaporation and shrinkage become our loss
  • Eliminate maintaining and managing perpetual fuel inventories
  • Maximum security – Fuel purchased through authorized cards
  • Simplify pricing – one fixed markup
  • Fuel deliveries automatically scheduled
  • Labor savings – eliminate manual ticket writing and accounting

Better visibility into usage information helps you drive down fuel costs. FuelNet, Mansfield’s fuel management platform, gives you full oversight of consolidated transaction data. As your drivers dispense fuel, the Mansfield system collects Level III data on each transaction: date and time, gallons, product, driver and vehicle.

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