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Fueling North America

Mansfield began in 1957, and over the past 57 years, we have grown consistently. Today, Mansfield delivers more than three and a half billion gallons of fuel every year to clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Advancing Fuel Procurement

We were one of the first businesses in the petroleum industry to help clients manage their petroleum supply chain. We create a profile of each of our client's sites based on fuel usage patterns and other strategic objectives. Using technology and data aggregation, we purchase fuel on behalf of all our clients.

We service thousands of commercial and industrial customers in 50 states from over 900 supply points. Our success is based on providing a competitive supply of fuel with superior logistics and a comprehensive suite of services that solve fuel supply, storage, dispensing, accounting, and payment challenges for our customers.

A Blueprint for Success

Today, Mansfield maintains supply and distribution agreements throughout the country. Our success results from a thorough understanding of the industry, a commitment to improvement and growth, and our history of long-term, mutually profitable client relationships.

Mansfield Oil Company is located near Atlanta in Gainesville, GA, with regional operations centers located in Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Detroit, MI, Denver, CO, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN, an Calgary, AB, Canada.

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