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Safety of Natural Gas

How Safe is Natural Gas?

Natural gas flows to nearly 100 million homes across the U.S., as well as millions of business. Many of the nation's Fortune 500 companies are turning to natural gas as a transportation fuel.

Through extensive research, it has been determined that there is no quantifiable reduction in safety or increased risk to terminals associated with the operation of NGVs under the rack when compared to diesel engined tractors. This is due to the integrated and encapsulated design of modern natural gas engines, and the high construction standards, testing, and extensive safety features associated with natural gas fuel delivery systems.

The Clean Vehicle Education Foundation (CVEF), in coordination with the International Liquid Terminal Association (ILTA) has performed a detailed technical analysis that demonstrates there is no measurable change in safety margin of Natural Gas Tractors with the current generation of Nat Gas engines as compared to the current diesel engine technology.

Download the Clean Vehicle Education Foundation's Whitepaper to learn more!

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