About MCEP

When We Started

Mansfield Clean Energy Partners (MCEP) was launched in 2013 to build and develop compressed natural gas fueling stations across North America, with a specific focus on bulk fuel hauling terminal areas.

How We Started

MCEP has developed an industry-leading team leveraging shared resources and expertise with Mansfield Energy Corp., a fifty-seven year old leader in the transportation fuels sector (and parent of Mansfield Oil Company), and Clean Energy Fuels, the nation's largest builder of CNG and LNG stations.

Why We Started

MCEP is built on a foundation of innovation, partnership and high-touch service that allows us to help position our partners to take advantage of the financial and operational benefits of a conversion to natural gas.

We are working with our partners to unlock the potential of natural gas – an abundant, domestic fuel that offers dramatically lower emissions than traditional transportation fuels, and an opportunity to lower fuel expense, truck noise, and odor.

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