Mansfield Sales Academy

Recruitment for 2017 has Closed

Mansfield Sales Academy Objective

The objective of the Mansfield Sales Academy is to take recent college graduates and guide them through a combination of experiential learning, classroom based training, and field sales mentoring to prepare them to successfully sell in our space.

What's in it for You?

After successfully completing Mansfield's rigorous selection process, individuals possessing the appropriate educational background and qualifications will be hired as a Business Development Specialist (BDS), and join the Sales Academy.

Tell Me More!

Graduates of the Mansfield Academy Sales Development program benefit from having work location flexibility with the chance to select a location of their preference. Another benefit that graduates of the program have is high earnings potential.

What's the Next Step?

Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview with Mansfield Executives and Sales Leadership at our headquarters in Gainesville, Georgia. Successful applicants will then go on to take a variety of assessments to predict their future success with Mansfield. The top scoring candidates will be selected for the program.

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