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  • Rory Didas Named New General Manager of Mansfield Power and Gas

    MPG GM Announcement - December 13, 2016

    Mansfield Oil Company President Blake Young announced today that Rory Didas will be joining the Mansfield Family as General Manager of Mansfield Power and Gas. Rory comes to Mansfield with twenty years of wide-ranging experience in the energy industry.

  • FDA Approves New Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

    December 07, 2016

    Mansfield is extremely appreciative of the many participants of the annual Mansfield Golf Classic for who have helped generate more than $5.9 million dollars we've contributed to MDA's mission of fighting for individuals living with neuromuscular disease.

  • Mansfield Energy Corp. Announces Executive Appointments

    Leadership Appointments - October 20, 2016

    Mansfield Energy Corp. announced today the appointment of two executive officers to new positions. Doug Haugh has been appointed President and Chief Strategy Officer of Mansfield Energy Corp. In addition, Blake Young has been appointed President, Mansfield Oil Company.

  • Storm Alert: Hurricane Matthew - Still RED ALERT -10/6/16

    Hurricane Matthew - October 6, 2016

    Once again, Hurricane Matthew has shown its unpredictability, with the entire state of FL now at risk. Matthew became better organized as we went through the overnight hours, knocking on the door of category 4 status. The east coast of Florida is already feeling some effects from the outer bands of this storm. This morning, squalls of rain have been pounding the coast from the Florida Keys up through Jacksonville.

  • Storm Alert: Hurricane Matthew – RED ALERT 10/05/16

    Hurricane Matthew - October 5, 2016

    Hurricane Matthew made its way past Cuba overnight and is making a beeline to the Bahamian islands, with a direct hit being predicted for later today. There is still much uncertainty whether Matthew will make landfall in the United States later this week and into the weekend.

  • Hurricane Matthew – ORANGE ALERT 10/04/16

    Hurricane Matthew - October 4, 2016

    Hurricane Matthew will hit Haiti and Cuba over the next 24 hours as a Category 4 Hurricane, with winds between 130-155 mph.

  • Tropical Storm Matthew – GREEN ALERT 9/29/16

    Gainesville, GA - September 29, 2016

    Previously identified as Invest 97L, the tropical wave the hurricane center has been watching for days now has finally developed into a named storm, Tropical Storm Matthew.

  • Mansfield's Expertise Sought During Colonial Pipeline Leak Coverage​

    Gainesville, GA - September 23, 2016

    Since the recent Colonial Pipeline gas line leak near Helena, AL, Mansfield's Supply and Logistics teams have been at the forefront of area media coverage providing industry insights and sharing the impacts of the situation to our industry.

  • Colonial Pipeline Outage Update - RED ALERT Remains

    Gainesville, GA - September 21, 2016

    Colonial announced yesterday that they plan on restarting Line 1 at full capacity today using the temporary, 500-foot line. Product will remain tightly allocated until next week, as it will take several days before the product begins arriving to the terminals.

  • Colonial Pipeline Outage - Still Red Alert

    Gainesville, GA - September 20, 2016

    Supply constraints in the southeast continue to affect gasoline consumers. Colonial is constructing a temporary segment to bypass the leak along Line 1. The bypass around Line 1 is roughly 500-700 feet long, much shorter than the several miles initially reported.

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